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High School Cheer

Fall Sports Interview Led by Antlers High School Students 


Senior Shelby Joslin and Freshman Krista Akard from the cheer squad were picked to be interviewed. Here’s how it went:


Q: How have you applied yourself in one of the above areas this month?

    Shelby: “ I began being a cheerleader in the 7th grade, I have greatly improved sharpness, jumps and tumbling.”

    Krista: “ I’ve tried my hardest at everything.”


Q: If you had one piece of advice for your fellow Bearcats, what would it be?

    Shelby: “ Enjoy being a Bearcat because before too long it will be over!”

    Krista: “Be supportive, come to the games, and be nice to other people.”


Q: What do you like about being a Bearcat?

     Shelby: “I enjoy cheering on my Bearcats when they are struggling and being successful.”

    Krista: “ You get to be supportive of the school.” 


The students also interviewed the cheer coach, Mrs. Schier. She says that she has watched the girls make progress and come out of their shell, hopes to set good examples, learns from her past mistakes, and “always looks to improve.” When asked how has she applied herself, she responded “ middle school cheer has four new cheerleaders this year who have never cheered before and I push them to be more outgoing and louder ”. Her one piece of advice to her fellow Bearcats would be to “ Never give up on the Bearcats, you never know what they can accomplish”, and she likes being a Bearcat because “when a stunt, routine, or cheer comes together and she sees how happy and accomplished her girls feel”, it makes her happy. We wish Mrs. Schier and her cheer squad a fun and successful season! Go Bearcats!

Senior Shelby JoslinFreshman Krista AkardMrs. Schier

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