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Teacher Resources

Oklahoma State Department of Education
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yesTeachers can access this website to put in grades, daily assignments, tests, and other class announcements.

National Education Association
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Site has a wealth of information on current educational issues. It also has lesson plans with teaching strategies and classroom management ideas,  Educators can also find support and advice from other educators, as well as look into the latest grants and current events.

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Connect with Colleagues in Education
Create Professional Learning Communities
Collaborate on Goals and Initiatives
Provide Support for New Teachers
Practice 21st Century Skills 

Gear-Up educational links

yes Gear-Up's link page to numerous educational websites for teachers. With a variety of topics in which to choose, this site has information ranging from lesson plans to classroom resources and from career information websites to teacher loan forgiveness links!!  

Bully Police USA
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Bully Police USA is "a Watch-dog Organization - Advocating for Bullied Children and Reporting on State Anti Bullying Laws."  This link will take you directly to Oklahoma's School Bullying Prevention Act.  Or, click on the Bully Police USA link to navigate to it's home page

Stop Bullying
Image that corresponds to Stop Bullying provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, get help. 

Understanding Bullying and Cyberbullying

A guide in understanding bullying and cyberbullying

Connect Safely
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What you’ll find here is news, perspective and advice on safe, successful use of social media and technology for parents, kids & teens, educators and policymakers worldwide. ConnectSafely is a place for information and community that welcomes all participants in today’s very user-driven, networked world. We’re also advocates for youth rights and free speech in participatory media. For our thinking about all this, click here. Check out our new social media guides for parents and join us in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2014! (Connect Safely)

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Kidpower is a non-profit leader in bullying prevention, child abuse prevention, stranger awareness, and personal safety for children, teens, and adults, including those with special needs. 

Stop Bullying Now!
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The resources on this site will lead you through an exploration of adult and peer interventions that work to minimize peer mistreatment and to reduce the harm bullying can cause .

Understanding Bullying and Cyberbullying

A guide in understanding bullying and cyberbullying.

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Library of Congress for Teachers
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Federal Resoures for Educational Excellence
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Above the Influence
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This is the official website of Above the Influence. This site and many of the Above the Influence ads that you see were originally created as a part of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, a program of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Above the Influence has since transitioned away from federal oversight (as of March 2014), and is now a program of the non-profit Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The campaign was, and continues to be inspired by what teens have told us about their lives, and how they deal with the influences that shape their decisions.

Natural High
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Natural High is a drug abuse prevention organization that helps youth discover, amplify and pursue their natural high so that they have a reason to say no to an artifical high. 

A premier resource for educators across the country, Natural High is one of the best tools for Red Ribbon Week.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between.  

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The Teacher's Corner
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PBS Teachers


Math and Language Arts for K-12

Math and Language Arts practice for all grades, K-12.

The Science Spot
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A cool science resource site for teachers as well as students.

Content Trailers
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Content Trailers can be one of those tools that establish a strong visual point for students to grasp while they begin to inquire.

So what is a Content Trailer? Very simply, a Content Trailer is a short, 2- to 3-minute, media-rich experience from which a point of inquiry can begin. The vehicle is unimportant in the relationship to the concept. Providing students with the images and sounds that can be attached to the textual information that they will be exploring can provide a profound shift in the way learning is engaged. Content Trailers can be one tool to help the process of inquiry begin.

Write To Learn
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Teachers can access their Write To Learn sign-in page here.

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Bearcat Tales

Important information for 8th grade students and their parents

Remember to enroll your 8th grade student into the Oklahoma's Promise program!! Click on the link for more information on how your student can acquire money to help pay for college tuition!! Or, click here to take you directly to the on-line application!! Do it now!! laugh

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