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Hello to all my students!  Are you ready to finish 6th Grade?  Well, here we go!

Your assignments will be in IXL.  I have assigned 3 skills per schoolday for you to do.  IXL Geography is challenging, sooooo we are starting in fifth grade skills for review.  Then we will go on to 6th grade skills. If you don’t get finished with all 3 in a day, that’s OK!  Just finish them the next day, or when you have time.  I’m proud of all of you, and I’m positive you will do your very best! wink


Week 1

►Remember, you will start in 5th grade skills.

Monday:       Identify oceans and continents

                    Select oceans and continents

                    Name oceans and continents       

Tuesday:       Read a map:  cardinal directions

                    Identify lines of latitude and longitude

                    Use lines of latitude and longitude

Wednesday:  Identify states of the West

                    Select states of the West

                    Name states of the West

Thursday:     Identify states of the Midwest

                    Select states of the Midwest

                    Name states of the Midwest

Week 2

Monday:       Identify states of the Southeast

                    Select states of the Southeast

                    Name states of the Southeast

Tuesday:       Identify states of the Northeast

                    Select states of the Northeast

                    Name states of the Northeast

Wednesday:  Identify the 50 states

                    Select the 50 states

                    Name the 50 states

Thursday:     New England colonies:  religion and government

                    The Lincoln Memorial

                    Major U.S. cities

Week 3

Monday:       Federal government

                   Checks and balances

                   Identify American symbols

Tuesday:      The Statue of Liberty

                   What is economics?

                   Understand quantity supplied and quantity demanded

Wednesday: Understand overall supply and demand

                   Identify shortage and surplus

                   Identify shortage and surplus with graphs

►Today we start 6th grade skills

Thursday:    Purposes of government

                   The Legislative Branch

                   The Executive Branch

Week 4

Monday:       The Judicial Branch

                    Checks and balances

                    State and local government

Tuesday:       International organizations

                    The Constitution:  structure and principles

                    Costs and benefits

Wednesday:  What is economics?

                    Opportunity cost

                    Trade and specialization

Thursday:     What is a market?

                    Understand overall supply and demand

                    Identify shortage and surplus

Week 5

Monday:       Identify shortage and surplus with graphs

                   Identify primary and secondary sources

                   Identify facts and opinions

Tuesday:      Source analysis:  the Declaration of Independence

Wednesday: Oceans and continents

Thursday:    Identify and select countries of Northern and Central America

                  Name countries of Northern and Central America

►Hey, you’re done!  If you want to keep learning, go on to the South America lessons! smiley