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Distance Learning

8th Grade Advanced Math/Algebra 1

Your assignment for the next five weeks is to complete the Buckle Down Test Review Packet.  It has Test A & Test B.  Please complete both.  If you do not have your calculator I have been told you may download a TI30-XS calculator off the Texas Instrument site.  I have been unable to download this at this time.  However, all I have is phone internet.  If you have an iphone you may also turn your calculator sideways and a scientific calculator is there.  It may not look like ours but it will work!  Do your best on the booklet that you can.  If you need help feel free to email me at  Booklets may be picked up at school.


7th Grade Math

Non-Internet students may pick up packets at the middle school at the designated times.  I have provided examples for each assignment.  Do your best!

Internet students……… below is an assignment list by day for you to complete on IXL. If you have forgotten your login please send an email & I will send you a pic of your login.  Don’t forget to go to Oklahoma Standards, 7th grade, Math……. just like we did when we worked in the computer lab.  Below is your IXL assignments by standard.   Please do 15-20 problems for each standard listed.

7th grade

IXL-online students


Week 1

Day 1        7.N.2.2 Multiply Integers

                  7.N.2.2 Divide Integers

Day 2         7.A.4.1 Multiply using distributive property

Day 3         7.N.2.3 Adding Integers

Day 4         7.N.2.3 Subtracting Integers



Week 2

Day 1         7.N.2.6 Absolute Value and opposite integers

Day 2         7.N.2.6 Absolute Value of rational numbers

Day 3         7.N.2.4 Understanding Exponents

Day 4         7.A.2.1 Unit Rates


Week 3

Day 1         7.A.3.1 Solve 1 step equations

Day 2         7.A.3.1 Solve 2 step equations

Day 3         7.A.3.2 Solve 1 step inequalities

Day 4         7.A.3.2 Solve 1 step inequalities


Week 4

Day 1         7.A.3.2 Solve 2 step inequalities

Day 2         7.A.2.3 Solve proportions

Day 3         7.A.2.2 Unit Prices

Day 4         7.A.2.2 Percent of Change


Week 5

Day 1         7.GM.3.2 Circles, calculate area, circumference, radius, diameter

Day 2         7.GM.3.2 Circles, calculate area, circumference, radius, diameter

Day 3         7.GM.2.1 Area of triangles and trapezoids

Day 4         7.GM.2.1 Area of triangles and trapezoids