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Distance Learning Assignments

To my students,

 This page is where we will continue your education for the remainder of the year.  You will have a thirty minute assignment daily for the next 5 weeks, in total you will have 20 assignments.  Please do your best and you can email me at, if you have any questions or just feel like saying hello.  As students, you have your very own email through the school and if you do not already have access to it, contact the middle school office and they will be able to get you your information.  You will have a daily journal to complete, along with some type of online work.  I did make paper packets for those who did not have access to the internet and all of you are more than welcome to pick one up at the front door of the middle school on April 6th ( even if you have internet access).  These packets will fill in the gaps of information we were not able to cover and help you prepare for high school.  Over the next several weeks, you will be using IXL, Khan Academy, and watching informative videos on YouTube.  All three of these websites have apps that are available to download on your cellphones, which may make it easier for you to complete your homework.  I am going to miss all of you and I hate that our school year was cut short.  I was looking forward to our Field Trip to Fort Washita and seeing you all graduate in May.  Do not be strangers next year!  You all will always have special place in my heart being my first group kids.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for each of you!  I miss you all and love you guys!  Please stay safe and wash your hands!  Hope to see you all soon!

With love,

Mrs. Wood