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Distance Learning Week 2 4/13-4/16

Listed below are the assignments to be completed. I love and miss you very much. If I can help you please email me at 

This week we will be learning all about Ecosystems! 

  1. Login to BrainPOP  go to the green Science tab then go to the tab Ecology and Behavior then watch the video Ecosystems and take the quiz, once you have scored 80% move to the video Food Chains and take the quiz. I recommend watching each video twice before taking the quiz! You need to make 80% on both quizes.
  2. Login to IXL and do section V Ecosystems. There is 3 assignments to do in the section V.1 Describe populations, communitites, and ecosystems, V.2 Identify ecosystems, and V.3 Describe ecosystems. get 5 questions correct on each section. You DO NOT have to get them correct in a row!
  3. Draw and Label a simple food chain. You can draw the actual animal or just write the name. Don’t forget your food chain must start with a producer and end with a consumer! Email me your creation. 
  4. Watch one episode of CNN 10 to stay up to date with world events.