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Welcome to my online classroom.

AR Student Reading Plan

  • Students take the STAR test to determine their reading range and reading level.  I use this to calculate their goal for the 9 weeks.  Students earn points as they read books and take AR tests.  These points go toward their goal.  Students are given a grade for AR each 9 weeks.  The grade is based on if they meet their goal.   


  • Students who earn 25 points per 9 weeks (100 points total) will receive a special reward at the end of the school year.


‚ÄčWhen taking grades I use textbook and workbook pages, worksheets, Study Island, an online program that covers all the standards, and Buckle Down, a workbook that covers all the standards.  We also work on writing and grammar.  When entering my grades, I abbreviate BD for Buckle Down and SI for Study Island.  If you have internet access at home, Study Island can be used there as well as at school.