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Kathy Henslee

Welcome to my online classroom!

Hi everybody! 

I’ve missed you so much!  I first want to say I love each and every one of you, and I hope you are staying well and safe.

To access your daily assignments, I have put them on a calendar.  Go to Daily Assignments Distant Learning Page for your daily assignments. When viewing the calendar, click on calendar and month view.

We will be doing work in   

In addition to IXL, I would like you to choose and read one story per week in your online textbook.  Pick a story, and write a summary of the story when you are finished.    Can you guess my favorite story? Hints:  It is in the Close Reader, and it is science fiction.  

You can access your online textbook at

Your hrw (online textbook login is: your first name last name .aps4.  Everyone’s password is bearcats1.)  Example: johndoe.aps4

Be well and be safe!

Love you,

Mrs. Henslee


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