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Loye Babb

Welcome to Middle School Computers!


Interested in taking computers?  Computer Literacy is an in depth study on the basic use of the computer.  Students will learn the different parts of the computer and what all the computer has to offer.  The first part of the class will be devoted to the development of proper keyboarding techniques.  Students will also learn word processing skills, learn how to use exciting multimedia programs to create slide shows that use sound and animation, desktop publishing software, and learn to use the Internet for research in order to determine what information is needed and useful.

Computer Literacy II is a more advanced version of the Computer Literacy class.  Students will learn more about the software they have already been introduced to but will also be introduced to other programs such as Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story 3 and other photo editing software.   Students will have the opportunity to work together on projects and learn how to use a wide range of computer equipment, such as a digital camera, scanners, and printers, and the smart board.

8th grade students, who have taken at least one of my other computer classes, can take Computer Publishing.  This is a class where students will learn how to create an eye-catching school newsletter with  Microsoft Publisher.  These students will also be given the opportunity to work on the 8th Grade Memory book at the end of the year by taking pictures and designing pages for the book.

Computer classes are an excellent choice for any student, especially those considering college in the future.  Computers are becoming more and more prevalent in education and business today, and it is imperative that students learn to use these resources properly.






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