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I have had the pleasure of teaching in the Antlers Public School system for thirty-nine yrs; (27 years in the business department with 17 of them in Vocational Business) I taught Home Economics for two years in Antlers Junior High.  This is my 10th year as  the FACSED instructor in the high school.

I have two wonderful Christian children whom I am very proud of their accomplishments.  My children are both college graduates from OSU and OBU/SNU respectively.  Randle is currently in his seventh year teaching Agriculture Education in Antlers and previously taught seven year at Sperry High School.  Randle and Michelle were married in October 2019 and will be presenting me with a new grandchild in September 2020.  Michelle is the Scienc Instructor at Moyers High School.  Rendy and Mike are residents of Mustang; she is employed as a therapist at Moore Elementary Schools.  Mike is working at Intregis .  I am proud to announce that I am known as  "MoMo" to my "Pride and Joy" Emmalyn Grace Janssen, Lucy Kathryn Janssen, and Abby Cole.  









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