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Lesson Plans
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Lesson Plans for April 11-15


Math Skill: Continue Chapter 16 Probability


Reading Story: Lesson 26—Where on Earth is My Bagel?

Phonics skill— spelling words with oo,ou

Robust Vocabulary:These are words that they need to understand what the meaning of the word is but do not have to spell.

gently-do something in a way that is gentle and kind

replied-you answered someone’s question

fragrant-somehing that has a pleasing,sweet smell

smothered-you cover something completely so that it has no air

pleaded-you begged someone for something 

grunted-you made a small,deep sound in your throat 

belomgings-the things you own

fleeing-you are running away from something

crave-you want something very much

correspond-you write a letter or e-mail to a person








Spelling list: book  should  took stood  crook  would  look

could  good  shook

Challenge or bonus words

Test on Friday: cookout  understood  bookstore  cookies  couldn’t

Grammar: Introduction of irregular verbs


 Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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