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Keith Toney

Hello Everyone.  I hope you all are safe and healthy.  This certainly is turning out to be a strange year for all of us.  I hope you will all work on learning at home as diligently as you do at school.  You will find your IXL now has social studies content and I have recommended stuff for you to work on.  Also remember to use Sheppard software map quizzes to do map studies.  We were working on Asia when all this happened, but you could master that then review and refresh your knowledge on other regions of the world as well. 


So, my assignment for you guys is to give me about 45 minutes of study 2 times a week.  One day work with IXL and on the other use Sheppard software map quizzes for a map study.  If you don’t remember your IXL password email me at

Go to 7th grade social studies material and concentrate on the ones that have a star by them.

Use this website for map studies.  Concentrate on Asia until you feel you have mastered it then review other regions of the world to make sure you remeber what you learned.



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At least you don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom then listen to my speech about using your break time wisely. lol