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Foods and Nutrition
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Food and Nutrition I

This is a specialized course designed to prepare students to make important decisions regarding nutrition and wellness with assurance and competence.  Topics will include the impact of daily nutrition choices on long-term health and wellness; the physical, social, and physiological aspects of healthy nutrition and wellness choices; selection and preparation of nutritious meals and snacks based on USDA Dietary Guidelines including the Food Guide Pyramid; safety and sanitation processes and issues associated with nutrition and wellness; and career exploration in the nutrition and food industries. Laboratory experiences will be a component of the course.

Food and Nutrition II

Topics will include more complex concepts in foods and nutrition including a study of international and cultural foods; meal planning and preparation for specific economic, psychological, and nutritional needs; advanced impacts of science and technology on nutrition, food, and related equipment; specific food preparations including baking and catering; and exploring community and world food concerns as well as the “green” impact of the food industry.  Laboratory experiences with application will be a major component of the course